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Lets shift the heart of yoga from the individual to the collective. Because we’re better together.

We are organically growing a Global Yoga Community
123+ Certified teachers
20+ Yoga Schools
85k Community members
45 Countries
We do it by empowering one another every
step of the yoga journey
Practitioners who dream of becoming yoga teachers.

By being certified with us, they will become the next #aycyambassador.
Passionate teachers who #feeltheyogahigh and share #yogaeverywhere.

With time and experience, they can become the next #aycyleader.
Dedicated E-RYT teachers leading teacher trainings, empowered by all you can yoga, around the world.

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Sense of Belonging Be part of something bigger than yourself. Get more presence in the yoga community within your area.
Global Exposure Get featured in our ever-growing social media outlets and connect to other community members around the world.
Education A simplified, easy-to-understand version of the ancient teachings of yoga mindfully divided into different information categories.
Support Everything from inspiration to technology implementation. Give life to your ideas in simple, practical ways.

Your potential is there.
All you need is a little ALL YOU CAN YOGA to
take your career to the next level

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