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Jessica Dowlatsingh

In my younger years, dance was my outlet. Jazz, ballet, modern, African, Bollywood, hip hop, you name it. Moving my body was my outlet and made me feel at peace. As I grew and became more reflective and introspective, I realized that I no longer enjoyed the spotlight and eventually stopped performing. Slowly yoga began to find it’s way into my life, taking the place of dance. A yoga video game, a friend inviting me out to try this “hot-yoga- thing-where- you-feel- like-your- skin-is- going-to- slide-off- of-your- bones”, a weekly class in my condo. Without realizing it, yoga took hold in my life. It grew roots into my very soul and became the foundation of who I am. It became my go-to when I needed to find calm and balance. It was what I turned to when making the huge decision to quit my job, leave my friends and family and move to Peru to teach.

After living and working in a small desert town in northern Peru, Talara, I decided to move to Lima for a few months. The synchronicity of the universe never ceases to amaze me. There was a yoga teacher training happening in Lima not far from where I planned to live. I’m usually an obsessive planner/researcher, but in my heart of hearts, I knew that this what I needed to do. I had always wanted to pursue a teacher training, and I knew that this was the time. And was it ever the right decision! Each day of the training, each moment, I felt alive and exhilarated. Like I was exactly where I needed to be in that moment. Like I just lifted up my entire life and planted it on the right track. I knew my life would never be the same again. And it hasn’t – for all of the right reasons. I came home and built a business, a community and a family and I have the practice of yoga and all who came before me and supported me along the way to thank for that. I have not once looked back. The path of yoga is one of deliciously beautiful growth and transformation and I cannot wait to see what else is in store.

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