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Kelly Devi Swails
United States

"Peace on Earth begins with birth".

Name: Kelly Devi 

Hometown:  I consider New York (where I live) and Denver (where I grew up) as my home towns.

The outcome of participating in one of my YTTs is: A deeper understanding of the breadth and depth of yoga. One of my past students said it best: "The training embodied the true essence and philosophy of yoga, including the mental, spiritual and physical aspects -- far beyond what I ever thought yoga to be!" ~Antonette

My YTT is one of a kind because: I think it is very important to take the time to honor the deep traditions from which yoga sprang by learning more about the root culture of the practice we all love. Without this context, I feel, we may run the risk of diluting the practice in some way. So, my training offers a comprehensive exploration of the cultural, philosophical, scientific and cosmological roots of yoga; especially as it applies to enrich one's teaching and personal practice. Students in my YTT are exposed to some of the traditions of India including music, food, dance, iconography, puja, literature, sacred sites, esoteric thought, Ayurveda and more. They begin to see that all of these things are deeply intertwined with what we do on the mat. This helps deepen appreciation and awe of the vastness of yoga and ignites curiosity in unexpected areas of study for yoga teachers.

To me, the "Yoga High" is: The feeling of inner calm.

My Background is: After college, I worked as a program administrator for a social services program, and then took a position as a technical writer and trainer for a large staff development department. While working the usual 9-5 jobs, I was practicing yoga. Soon, I began to realize that I needed to make a shift in my professional life. After receiving my prenatal yoga certification, I supported my sister's birth and realized I wanted to become a doula. Since then, I have supported over 70 births. More recently, I have expanded my teaching practice to include fertility yoga and yoga for the wise woman years. I also have a Master's Degree in Medical Anthropology and Medical Geography. 

My certification(s) is (are): Hatha, Yin, Restorative, Prenatal, Postnatal, Yoga for Labor & Delivery

Other certifications: childbirth educator, birth doula, Reiki II

Favorite place on earth: The Black Hills of South Dakota

When I’m not practicing/teaching yoga: I study astrology and make birth chart necklaces for people showing their planetary placements at the moment of their birth.

Fun Facts about myself: I love crystals and rocks. My collection has taken over my home and is now expanding into the garden! Also, I am a "parront" (a parrot mom to a talkative, sassy blue parrot)

At my core, I am: Creative, artistic, and spiritual

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