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Laura Serrano

Nomad. This was Laura’s favorite word until she felt in Gran Canaria the place that she could call home. For ten years, she worked as a biology researcher and professional photographer, always trying to find the way to connect and be closer to Nature. Following her intuition and shutting down her fears, she allowed her work to change as she also changed.

This constantly moving lifestyle make her need to find a way to connect to her body, release and listen. Dancing was a tool that she learned when she was a child and for years it was her way to explore into the body language. Listening to what the body has to say was her healing medicine. She was initiated in first and second level of reiki usui to start exploring with the movement of energy throughout the body. When she first try yoga in 2006, she finally found the serenity she needed in her everyday life.

Laura decided to be a Certified Yoga Teacher (Yoga Alliance) to start gratefully giving something in return to what yoga gave her. That gentle way to enjoy the present moment, awaken your body, calm your mind and delightfully listen. Nowadays, she is being trained in the Afroyin Method, to continue evolving and working from the dance, the body language and its natural movement. In her classes she applies her knowledge of anatomy to lead you through a personal, safe and healing practice. She combines Vinyasa flow, Hatha and Yin yoga, together with pranayama and meditation techniques to take you through a playful practice, where you will only have to breath and enjoy the journey.


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