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Stephanie Stevenson

I never dreamed of becoming a yoga teacher, I had many plans but teaching was far from one. For most of my life I lived in a bubble, shy and introverted. It wasn’t until I turned 22 that my life really changed.

I experienced a great loss unlike anything I had ever known, the loss of my mother. It was quick and it was sudden and sent my life into a tail spin. I really only had two options, dig a hole to hide my grief inside and never confront it or spend a lifetime learning to live with it. I could have never expected what the latter would bring me – what it would open up to me.

My journey began with a daily yoga practice and eventually I experimented with meditation. I slowly started to find myself uncovering new passions like writing and energy healing. My journey with yoga brought me a greater understanding of myself, my life, my dreams and it even allowed me to confront my demons.

In choosing to become a yoga teacher, I embarked on a journey to help others heal and discover who they really are, what sets their Soul on fire and what they need to confront in order to flourish. We are as different as the leaves that fall in autumn, but at our very core we are the same. 

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