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From July 8, 2020 - December 12, 2020


Wednesday evenings and two Saturdays per month



About the course


This training will run from July 8 - December 12, 2020 on Wednesday evenings and two Saturdays per month.

We originally planned for this to be a local, in-person training, but times have certainly changed since then! Rather than postponing until next year, we have decided to go ahead with the training in a revised online format, in hopes of opening it up to even more of you who feel this is the right time to embark on this journey.


Available in the following subjects:

  • Clinical/Health Psychology and Yoga
  • Yoga as Behavioural Medicine
  • Intersections between Ancient Philosophy and Modern Practice
  • Yin Yoga and Fascia
  • Restorative Yoga for Stress and Trauma 
  • Altering Consciousness: Cannabis and Yoga
  • Registered Yoga Teacher Training Modules

Online via Zoom

Meeting schedule:  
This training will run Wednesday evenings and two Saturdays per month, with some adjustments for holidays and long weekends. 
All times are in PST** 
5:00 pm - 8:00pm with 15 min break 

Practice 8:00 - 9:30 
30 min break 
Session 1: 10:00 - 12:00
60 min break 
Session 2: 1:00 - 2:15
15 min break 
Session 3: 2:30 - 4:00  
For dates please fill out the application


Deposit: $650 CAD →  Due at registration

Early Bird: $2,400 CAD → 6 equal monthly payments of $400 CAD ea.

Register by June 24, 2020

Regular Price: $2,600 CAD

Payment Plans → 6 equal monthly payments of $433 CAD ea.

Sarah Daniels

Sarah Daniels

“My goal as a teacher is to fill each student’s yogi toolbox full of tools to balance the body, mind, emotions and spirit, and to get to know when to use each, to best support each step of the journey through life.”

After over a decade of studying the movements and energies of the human body through competitive dance and R.A.D. ballet, I was naturally drawn to the familiar movements I found in the yoga studio.

After over a decade of studying the movements and energies of the human body through competitive dance and R.A.D. ballet, I was naturally drawn to the familiar movements I found in the yoga studio. I first established a practice through Moksha studios in Alberta before moving to BC where I began studying the deeper practices while working as karma staff at a studio that emphasized the mental, energetic and spiritual aspects of the yogic path. It wasn't long before the depth of the practice began to draw me in and after witnessing the effects of a strong daily practice on my mind, body and spirit I knew I wanted to share this gift with as many people as possible.

In 2013 I travelled to Spain to complete my RYT-200 in Vinyasa Flow with Frog Lotus Yoga. I began building teaching experience and working one-on-one with clients, and in 2014 I travelled to Guatemala to complete an internship at La Finca de Yoga Mistica in the wellness mecca of the Lake Atitlan region. It was here that my study of meditation deepened exponentially and on returning home I began to teach meditation focused workshops in Alberta.  In the fall onf 2015I began studying with Tandava School of Yoga in Kelowna, BC and graduated with my RYT-500 certification after 8 months of focused studies in yoga nidra, yoga as therapy, the NewBack program for injury prevention and rehabilitation, advanced meditation and pranayam, as well as delving deep into many other aspects of the yogic tradition. In the spring of 2016 I completed a 50 hour intensive with Jolene Bayda in Vancouver studying yin yoga and the practice of dowelling.

I have a special focus on yoga tools for anxiety and stress and teach related workshops, as well as developing an e-course on the subject.

In the spring of 2015 I partnered with Alpine Helicopters to pioneer heli-yoga in the Okanagan, founding Elevate Heli-Yoga where I treat adventurous students to an unforgettable yoga experience atop a mountain accessed via helicopter. During this year I began my partnership with All You Can Yoga to offer a yoga teacher training through the yoga club, UBCyOga, at the Okanagan campus of UBC. I am currently teaching workshops and classes in western Canada, teaching and bringing yoga to campus as an executive of the yoga club, and working on my Psychology undergraduate honours degree. I love the interplay and crossover between the worlds of psychology and yoga, and combine them in my practice. 

In addition, I hold a diploma in Business Administration from Okanagan College with a focus in entrepreneurship and marketing and an Associate Degree in Psychology,  as well as certification and training in Reiki energy work, tension-release massage, natural nutrition, Indigenous cultural safety and holistic marketing. 

With a broad understanding of the interconnectedness of the physical, mental, emotional and energetic bodies, I offer a down to earth approach of using this understanding to bring the body into balance from the root, and educating my clients with the tools and resources to make lasting change.



What is the cost of this training? 

The cost of this training is $2400 CAD for earlybird registration before June 15th, and $2600 CAD at the regular rate. One of the core values of this training is accessibility, including financial accessibility. Payment plans and partial scholarships are available and we are committed to working with you to help make the training accessible for all individuals at all stages of life. Contact an instructor for more information. 

What is covered in this training? 

This training meets and exceeds the Yoga Alliance curriculum requirements as a registered Yoga School. The required curriculum includes the physical principles of practice, the history of yoga, physiology and energetics, yoga philosophy, ethics, and the business of yoga. This training has a extra focus on the following:

  • Fostering a safe and appropriate environment, both in the class sequence and in individual bodies.
  • Building a conceptual, foundational understanding of the structure of yoga postures that can be expanded to any pose.
  • Evidence-based psychobiological perspective to best harness and apply the tools and teachings of yoga.

The specific learning objectives of this course are as follows: 

  • Develop a rich understanding of the historical, philosophical, and cultural context of the origins of yoga and it’s practice today. 
  • Compare and contrast different styles and traditions of yoga and the applications of each. 
  • Develop your personal yoga practice including meditation, breath work, and poses. 
  • Safely and effectively lead a yoga practice in a flow, restorative, or yin style based on the rubric of the 5 T’s of Teaching: (tone, technique, timing, transitions, theme). 
  • Foster skills in leadership, communication, and holding space for others. 
  • Fill your yogi toolbox with cognitive, emotional, physical, and spiritual tools for well-being. 
  • Understand the basics of functional human anatomy with a focus on the skeletal, muscular, nervous, lymph and fascia systems.
  • Apply an understanding of the variation in human anatomy to modify the practice to suit different bodies and abilities. 
  • Understand ethical issues in the field of yoga and the scope of practice. 
  • Learn about the business of yoga including administration, finances, marketing, and navigating the world of yoga. 


What is the style of the physical practice in this course? 

This course has an eclectic approach drawing from the broad experience of the teachers. One of the goals of the training is to expose students to a wide variety of styles and doctrines from which to build their own teaching practice and style. The primary style of the physical practice will draw from the instructors roots in vinyasa and flow-based practices, however there will be a strong influence of kripalu, hatha, restorative, and yin as well. Students can expect to be comfortable teaching an active flow style class. Yin and restorative styles will be covered in moderate depth, and students will receive an introduction to Yoga Nidra. This course also has an emphasis on accessibility and how to practice and teach in a way that can be modified to suit all bodies and levels of ability.​

How will the course be delivered? 

In order to enable physical distancing, the Yoga Alliance has established a temporary provision for virtual/online training and certification. This course will be delivered using Zoom as the videoconferencing platform. Students are able to download materials from the AYCY website after registration, and additional materials will be provided in digital form. 


Will the online course be the same as taking the training in-person? 

The curriculum and content covered will be the same. The biggest difference will be that instructors will not provide hands-on assists and instead will focus more on verbal cues to help students get deeper into the postures. The lead instructor, Sarah Daniels, has had the opportunity to use videoconferencing to lead multiple courses, groups, and lectures, and has used this experience to transition the RYT-200 certification course online in a way that will provide an engaging, active learning environment and mitigate potential disadvantages of  the online format. 

Videoconferencing can be more draining and exhausting than meeting in person - and we will actively work to counteract this in many ways. The schedule has been created to minimize Zoom fatigue and there will be plenty of breaks throughout the day. 


What is the schedule for this training? 

The RYT-200 training program consists of 180 contact hours and 20 non-contact hours for a total of 200 hours. This training will run from July 8 - December 12 on Wednesday evenings and two Saturdays per month (with some adjustments for holidays and long weekends). In addition, there will be a weekly practice streamed that can be attended in real-time or on your own time.

Wednesdays will run from 5:00pm - 8:00pm PST and generally be more discussion-focused and may sometimes include a shorter practice. Saturdays will run from 8:00 am to 4:00 pm PST and spend more time on posture breakdowns and the physical practice. There will be plenty of breaks throughout the day. 

What if I have to miss a class? 

​It is important to attend the training in real time as it is an interactive course with many discussion-based components. However, life happens and in the event that you may be unable to attend you can either a) be sent a recording from the zoom meeting or b) may need to schedule make-up hours with an instructor. While we understand that unforeseen events may occur, if a significant amount of time must be made up in person there may be a charge for additional instructor make-up hours. If you know ahead of time that you may need to miss some scheduled class time, please touch base with an instructor before registering. 

If a circumstance arises where the whole group unanimously agrees to change a time or date this is a possibility. However, if it is not unanimous the original dates will remain.

How much work will I be expected to do outside of the scheduled class time? 

Each week there will be a 90-minute “practice and reflect” where you will complete a yoga practice and then write a reflective journal entry. You have the option to complete this practice as it is being streamed or complete it on your own time. There will also be readings and homework assigned throughout the course, which will be spaced with the intent to not exceed 6 hours/month. 


Will there be an exam? 

There will be quizzes following each module as a tool to help you learn, monitor your progress, and self-identify strengths as well as areas you may wish to focus on. While there will be consistent feedback throughout the course, students will have the opportunity to have their teaching formally adjudicated twice - once for 30 minutes and once for 60 minutes. Following these opportunities, students will receive feedback from their peers and in-depth, written feedback from their instructors. 


What if I don’t want to teach and am just taking this course for personal development? Do I still have to do the practice teaches and exams? 

Speak to one of our instructors for more information on the option to audit the course and what that would entail. 


What supplies will I need? 

Daily supply checklist 

Each day, come prepared with the following: 

  • Comfortable clothes you can move in 
  • Manuals 
  • Water bottle/tea/snacks
  • Journal 
  • Yoga mat and Props 
  • Device to join via videoconference 


Manuals and Readings 

Students will be required to download the core manuals from the AYCY website and purchase the Essential Asana Manual from AYCY. It is highly recommended to print at least the Essential Asana Manual as we will be adding lots of notes to each posture. If you have a tablet, you can also use an app that allows you to write with a stylus on PDF’s if you prefer. The other manuals and readings can be used either in digital or printed form depending on personal preference.

Additional essential materials will be provided in PDF form.  Excerpts of key passages from the recommended reading list will be provided to facilitate discussion, allowing you to pick and choose which books stand out to you the most to purchase/borrow. It is not necessary to purchase all the books on the recommended reading list. We will discuss more about the readings and materials on the first day. You are welcome to dive into the books on the list ahead of time if you wish.  

Food and Drink 

We will have a 15 minute break on Wednesday evenings and on Saturdays we will have a 30 minute breakfast break, full 60 minute lunch hour, and 15 min afternoon break. It is encouraged to stay hydrated throughout the day and if you need to snack between breaks that is okay, but we encourage you to try to leave full meals for the break time so that we can all be fully engaged and focused on the content as much as possible. 


Journaling and reflective writing will be a key component of this course. If you already have a journaling practice you are welcome to continue in the journal you already have, or you may wish to start a new one specifically for this training. We encourage writing by hand rather than typing journal entries if possible. 

Yoga Mat and Props 

In order to get the most out of this training, it is ideal to have the following supplies: 

  • Good yoga mat 
  • Two yoga blocks 
  • Yoga bolster 
  • Yoga strap 
  • Yoga blanket 


You can purchase these online or in person, however if it is not possible to purchase all these items right now check out the Props and Equipment section of this handout for some ideas. The easiest items to substitute are a strap and blanket, followed by a bolster. If you aren’t able to purchase all of the props all at once, investing in a good yoga mat is a great priority, followed by blocks. If you have any questions about finding yoga mats or other props that are right for you, don’t hesitate to contact one of the instructors.  


Your Space 

As this training will be delivered online, you have the freedom to choose where you want to join in from. Try to find a space that is relatively quiet, with limited distractions, and a strong reliable internet connection. During the times when we are doing posture breakdowns or practicing together, you will need space to roll out a yoga mat and a way to set up where you can be far enough away from the camera that we can see your whole body as you practice on your mat, so that we can provide feedback and an interactive learning environment. 

You are welcome to join from outdoors, however be mindful that traffic noise is often amplified over videoconference, even when using headphones, and ensure that your wifi connection is strong enough to support the demands of videoconferencing.  


Device for Videoconferencing 

It is recommended to primarily use a laptop or another device with a large screen, as we will be presenting and sharing materials over Zoom during discussions. You may be able to use a smaller device during the physical practice time (e.g. if you wish to use a larger computer during discussions but switch to a smaller portable device during practice time). A strong, reliable internet connection is crucial. If you have difficulty with your wifi, you may wish to ask your internet provider for a booster which you can place in the room you’re in - they’re often provided free of charge and can make a big difference. If you have any questions please don’t hesitate to contact one of the instructors. 

Sarah's 200 hour YTT was incredible! It was a very well-rounded training that touched on several different types of practices, like yin, restorative, even prenatal, in addition to an extensive training in vinyasa flow. As a YTT graduate from Sarah Daniels, I feel prepared to teach different types of classes right away. Sarah also has expertise in marketing and approaching the yoga community as a business, which is a really valuable skill for new instructors. Sarah creates a warm and supportive learning environment at the same time as setting high and achievable expectations for her students. We completed our training with a beautiful lunch and graduation ceremony. I'm so grateful to have embarked on this journey to be trained under Sarah Daniels! - Kaylee M - 2019 YTT Graduate
I have been lucky enough to have taken my YTT 200hr certification with Sarah over the past 6 months. She has been such an inspiration and extraordinary leader. Her classes always leave me relaxed, rejuvenated, and refreshed. I was very nervous about doing the certification but her warm and bubbly persona made me feel welcome and comfortable from the moment I walked through the door. Thank you Sarah for such an amazing experience this will not be the last class I take with you, that's for sure! - Larissa S
Sarah was very thorough with her teaching; she ensured we were all on the same page before moving on to a new topic. I appreciated Sarah's patience and helpful tips she shared, that helped me fully understand the necessary material. I would definitely take another training with Sarah! I went into this training with an open mind, ready to learn, and I was pleasantly surprised with the wealth of knowledge I completed my 200hr YTT with. I didn't expect to have such a warm experience; this training was full of lessons that helped me gain more self-love, confidence, and the power of knowledge that allows me to pursue my personal yoga practice further. - Faith B
Elevate Yoga Hosted by Sarah Daniels
Elevate Yoga Hosted by Sarah Daniels Apply to register
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