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From January 31, 2019 - March 21, 2019


Group Calls (weekly)


Miami, FL, USA

About the course


If you are ready to lead a yoga teacher training – this program is for you!

If you are ready to grow your business & community – this program is for you!

This Facilitator & Leadership training is to help yoga teachers with 5+ years of teaching experience to build a quality yoga teacher training so that they take their career to the next level, have more income, more free time, and never have to worry about where money is coming from next month.

We only work with qualified yoga teachers who THINK BIG and have what it takes to create the best training experience for their future trainees.
So, this program is absolutely NOT for excuse makers or people who are looking to deepen their practice.


We are calling true LEADERS, role models, and love warriors.

Without the #aycyleaderprogram, star teachers out there will continue to struggle, working harder than they should to earn less than they deserve or even might have to take a boring 9-5 job to make a reasonable income 😩

It is not a secret that despite the fact that Yoga is a multibillion-dollar industry, is the teachers who are being marginalized. They have to run all over town from studio to studio to make as little as $40 per class leaving them with no time or energy for their personal practice or to even think of ways on how to grow out of this vicious cycle.

But with the #aycyleaderprogram, these Yoga Teachers will finally be able to make a living sharing the true essence of yoga, while working less hours (but being a lot more productive with their time and efforts!) We are in the business of quality –not quantity.

The #aycyleaderprogram will help you to:

🔹 Change people’s lives through high-quality teacher training programs

🔸 Teach the true essence of Yoga's rich lifestyle and philosophy

🔹 Travel more

🔸 Have true entrepreneurial freedom

🔹 Grow your business and community

🔸 Stop being exhausted all the time!!!

While you focus on the teachings, we’ll help you with everything else:
#1: Help You Create Quality Teacher Training Manuals

#2: Show You How To Structure The Training Sessions

#3: Show You How To Customize our Curriculum to match your teaching style

#4: Show You How To Market And Sell Your Training 

Vanessa Birnbaum

Vanessa Birnbaum

“Todos los libros tradicionales concluyen que el Yoga abre puntos de vista que llevan al practicante hacia la oportunidad de reconocerse mejor y que la energía de los chakras gobierna nuestra salud física y emocional. En ese sentido, el yoga de los chakras se convierte en un espejo con el que “miramos hacia adentro”.

Vanessa es la fundadora de all you can yoga™ y autora del libro Chakra Vinyasa.

Se ha dedicado la última década de su vida al estudio y enseñanza del yoga con especialización en centros energéticos. Su trabajo como educadora y mentora de yoga orientada a la energía sutil es una combinación única de técnicas útiles para instructores y aquellos en su propio viaje hacia la sanación.



Our journey starts with an 8-week online facilitator & leadership training that combines:

  • Online Engagement
    Every week we will release videos and worksheets for you to work at your own time.
  • Group Calls (weekly)
    Group calls will be lead by Vanessa Rosler, Founder of all you can yoga™ and special guest lecturers (successful #AYCYLeader). Group calls will include lecture, orientation to solid aspects of the program, logistics, and homework, case studies, and direct applications of practice. 
  • Mentor Calls (monthly)
    Mentor calls provide accountability and support in the completion of your flexible contents.
  • Homework
    You will have activities and readings to do before and after every call.



My business has improved tremendously from AYCY's leader program. It was Vanessa, (founder of AllYouCanYoga) who convinced me it was really time to do my own teacher training and to use AYCY's manuals. The comprehensive curriculum we have put together has given me the opportunity to provide a yoga teacher training that far surpasses the current standard of education for yoga teachers. I was able to make this teacher training my own by tweaking the manuals to add my own content. With Vanessa's media and marketing background, she was able to make these books beautiful, understandable, clear and professional. With the AYCY leader program, I have been able to create and execute a Yoga Teacher Training that is in line with the high quality of yoga and service that I try to uphold in my business. The teachers we have produced from this training have gone out into the world as yoga retreat leaders, yoga and nutrition specialists, yoga for stress reduction corporate teachers, and more! It has been a privilege to help train individuals who are truly living their passions and making a difference in their communities. As a result, my business has grown each time they recommend the training to others. In today's competitive yoga industry, it is hard to earn a living. I had long been popular on Instagram but financially I was stuck. For a long time, I felt like I was drowning. The AYCY leader program has given me the opportunity to raise my vibration through raising my income. After leading a yoga teacher training I was able to reinvest in myself and my business. It has helped me feel and BE successful. I now have the income I need to live well and continue to follow my passions of teaching internationally. In addition, I can now afford to further my own education in order to continue raising the quality of my own teaching and being. I said YES to being an AYCY leader because of the comprehensive program, the clear and beautiful manuals and the support I received from Vanessa and the AYCY team right from the get-go. What I love about being an AYCY leader is being part of an international community committed to helping others excel. I love that we are changing lives on training at a time. I also love how organized and simple the program is. It is really so well laid out that it takes much of the stress and guesswork out of running a yoga teacher training. Creating a curriculum and schedule to produce great yoga teachers can be daunting. The AYCY leadership program makes it understandable, functional and achievable. - Lauren Rudick
Facilitator Training January Hosted by Vanessa Birnbaum
Facilitator Training January Hosted by Vanessa Birnbaum Apply to register
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