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PURA Yoga September 2019 Hosted by Wieneke van der Aa Apply to register
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From September 28, 2019 - April 12, 2020


ECI, 6041 Roermond, Países Bajos

About the course



  • Weekend 1:   28, 29 september
  • Weekend 2:  26, 27 oktober
  • Weekend 3:  9, 10 november
  • Weekend 4:  22, 23, 24 november
  • Weekend 5:  17, 18, 19 januari
  • Weekend 6:  1, 2 februari
  • Weekend 7:  7, 8 maart
  • Weekend 8:  27, 28, 29 maart (+ theorie-examen)
  • Weekend 9:  11, 12 april (praktijk-examens)


  • Fridays 18:30 – 21:45 uur 
  • Saturdays  9:00 – 17:00 uur 
  • Sundays  9:30 – 17:00 uur

Investment in yourself:

Early bird: €1999 – Register 6 weeks before the first date

Normal rate: € 2234 

You can also pay in 4 consecutive monthly payments 

Books, transportation and food not included.

About the course:



Everyone has a reason why they go to their first yoga class. For some of us it turns out to be a life changing experience. A feeling of ‘coming home’ and ‘I don’t know what happened, but I want definitely more of this!’ We practice it more and more. We feel better, it gives us comfort, strength and flexibility. We want to know more and start reading about it. We try different styles and classes. We grow and learn. And there comes a time, some of us want to share the gift of yoga to others.  

And it ís a gift, for body and mind. 

The yogapath is different for all of us. We take our own routes along the way, sometimes stay a long time at one place and sometimes we sprint ahead. We can follow our own pace, being aware of the flow of life. Up and down. On and off. Just like a breathe. Just like life itself. 

There is no end to a yogapath. We travel on it our whole life. We can’t rush or hurry, because we will learn what is suitable for us in a certain time, on a certain age, in different phases of our life and with a unique body. The next chapter will come to us when we are ready. 

And it looks like you are ready for your next chapter. So why don’t we walk a part of this yogapath together? We would love to get to know you better if you are ready to be true to who you really really really deepdown inside are, if you are willing to be pure and honest to yourself and others, if you are willing to grow even more in the beautiful YOU that you already are. 

Who is this training for?

Are you in love with yoga, and especially the flowing form? Are you ready to take your next step on your professional AND personal path? You want to deepen your own practice, learn more about your body, poses, anatomy, philosophy and so much more? You want to join a group of motivated fellow yogi’s on their journey and learn from master teacher Wieneke in her studio PURA in Roermond? Than you are ready to get your flow on! 

About the curriculum 

In summary:

  • Yoga History
  • Principles of the Yoga Practice
  • The Chakras: Reprogram Your Life
  • Asana Lab – Alignment and Posture Breakdown
  • Dharma Talk: Light on Life
  • Anatomy & Physiology
  • Yoga Philosophy & Lifestyle
  • The Art of Teaching: Finding Your Voice
  • The Yoga Profession
  • Business of Yoga 

Asana practice: you will deepen the understanding of the asana’s by practice and by learning the theory behind them. You will be led through several classes to learn the PURA YOGA FLOW sequence as well as the poses separately and thoroughly. You will learn the principles of yoga practice, such as: foundation of the base, press & rebound, law of compensation and dual action. You’ll know how to avoid injuries for yourself and your future students. And you will know how to build a sequence of your own. 

Teaching skills: you will explore the art of teaching from where you come from when you start this training. Wieneke will guide you to your full potential, sometimes confronting and straight to the point, sometimes by giving you extra assignments, but always with the best intentions and with a smile. So you will learn how to effectively express yourself and be the teacher you want to be! You will get a diploma from All you can yoga, which is qualitatively similar to a Yoga Alliance (USA) accreditation. You are ready to teach in The Netherlands if you’re Dutch or globally if you are ready to deliver your flow in English. Depending on the registrations the course will be in Dutch (mainly) and English (reading material). 

Personal growth: You will understand more about how your mind works and what you stand for. You will experience more happiness if you learn about your thought patterns and the chakra system and will be able to make the changes you desire. Studying sutras, mantras, kiryas, koshas, kleshas, bandhas and pranayama will bring your practice to a whole new dimension. Surrounding yourself with people that have the same intentions, will lift you up higher and will leave you possibly with new friends for life!

There will be a practical and theory exam.

Recommended books

Alberto Paganini, Prana Yoga Flow, Ankh-Hermes

Ray Long, The Key Muscles of Hatha Yoga, Bandhayoga

Ray Long, The Key Poses of Hatha Yoga, Bandhayoga

Mark Stephens, Teaching Yoga, North Atlantic Books

Mark Stephens, Yoga Sequencing, North Atlantic Books

Requirements for the course  

Age 18+

MBO+ niveau

Yoga experience > 6 months

Vinyasa or flow yogaclasses followed > 10 classes

No injuries or illness that hinders your practice

You have to be comfortable with reading in English

Wieneke  van der Aa

Wieneke van der Aa

A complete burn-out at 27 led me to a gym for the first time of my life, recently given birth to my second daughter. What started with a lot of tears after one BodyBalance class and feeling the shift in my body and energy while doing it more often, led to my new purpose in life and a renewed profession. Yoga for children, Pilates, BodyBalance, Prana yoga flow, numerous workshops and trainings followed. Teaching a class here and there became owning a studio with 14 teachers, classes 7 days a week. Retreats followed and I developed a yogalates teacher training. I feel comfortable standing in front of a group, I get happy when the energy in class flows evenly on breathe. I love power, flow, hot, yin and gentle yoga to teach and to join. Grateful for this opportunity to lead another teacher training, for being healthy, for having two beautiful daughters and for making people feel the yoga high!


1. I’m not sure if I want to teach after the training

You don’t have to be sure, you’ll see on the way if it’s for you or not. What you will know is that there is a you before and a whole new you after the training, because this will be, weather you are going to teach or not, a life changing experience.

2. Can I join if I can’t make it to all of the classes?

Overall we handle at least 80% presence in order to get a certification

3. What if something happens so I can’t finish the training?

You can join our next one

4. Do I really have to be 18 to join?

Preferably yes. We could make exceptions if we meet you before registration and make an exception

5. What does MBO+ niveau mean?

It’s an education level of study and comparable intelligence in The Netherlands. If you’re not sure, ask Wieneke before you register.

6. Am I going to be Yoga Alliance certified?

You will receive an All you can yoga Certificate if you pass all assignments and exams. It’s comparable in quality with a Yoga Alliance registration

7. How much time will it cost me, except for the weekends?

Depending on how much you will practice and join other classes, invest in yourself by reading books on yoga and following workshops, you have to think off at least 5 hours a week. Especially during the last weeks of the training you have to practice your teachings skills a lot and learn the sequence by heart.

8. How many people will join?

There will be between 6 and 20 participants. If there are less than 6 registrations, we will postpone the start of the training with three months.

9. Location information:

PURA YOGA is situated in an old factory called ECI CULTUURFABRIEK in Roermond, Limburg, The Netherlands. We do not have changing rooms or showers. There are of course toilets in the building. Tin the building is also a restaurant/café for lunch or diner during training days and a supermarket nearby. We don’t provide food, so either bring your lunch or visit the café. We do have water, tea and some snacks available on training days.

Parking: in front of the factory, it’s paid between 8am and 8 pm

Train: the station is on a ten minute walking distance

Overnight stays: if you wish to stay overnight in Roermond during the training weekends, let Wieneke know and she will give you some tips.  

10. What if I suck?

Oh honey, but what if that was only in your head? If you don’t try, you’ll never know how far you can come. Just be open minded. You don’t have to be perfect, you only have to be You. 

If you have any other questions or doubts or anything: do not hesitate to contact Wieneke for more information.


I had the pleasure to work with Wieneke at several sup yoga classes and a couple sup yoga & yoga weekend we organized together. I love that she is able to improvise as we are dependent on weather situations while practicing yoga on boards on the water. She has a very natural way of teaching and approaching the people in the class and clinics. You can also feel she has years of experience as she is able to adjust, change and re arrange the class if she feels the practice is too hard, too advanced or too complicated. And best (for me) is the fun and laughter that comes natural with her and her teaching. - Morene Dekker
Op diverse vlakken heb ik voor en met Wieneke mogen samenwerken. Als eigenaresse van de fantastische studio PURA te Roermond weet ze van aanpakken en biedt ze op het vlak van (SUP)Yoga altijd weer iets nieuws. Wieneke is enthousiast, gedreven en enorm creatief. Ze staat volop in het leven, leeft vanuit haar hart en is een kei in het geven van heerlijke yogalessen! Ik beveel Wieneke en haar studio PURA bij eenieder aan die van plan is om met yoga te starten. Ook de ervaren beoefenaar is bij haar aan het goede adres, never a dull moment! ;) - Manon Tonnaer
I love Wieneke’s challenging classes and the way she brings her own humor to the studio. Since I took my first SUPYOGA class, I’m hooked on that too. Playful and still for adults, how great can outdoor yoga be! - Lotte van Rooij
PURA Yoga September 2019 Hosted by Wieneke van der Aa
PURA Yoga September 2019 Hosted by Wieneke van der Aa Apply to register
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