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From September 1, 2018 - April 1, 2019




Kelowna, BC, Canada

About the course

Sthira-Sukham School of Yoga presents:

200-hour yoga teacher training empowered by all you can yoga™

September 2018 - April 2019



Okanagan Campus

Kelowna, BC, Canada

Meeting times:


Investment in self:

Early bird price (deposit before July 1, 2018): $2350 CAD

Full price (Deposit after July 1, 2018): $2575 CAD

Payment Plan: 8 monthly payments of $322.00 CAD 

Have the passion but lack the funds?

Ask about our partial scholarship applications and extended payment plans.

This training is fully accredited through the Yoga Alliance and upon completion, you are certified and insurable to teach yoga across the globe. This program is appropriate for you if you want to teach yoga professionally, part-time, or alternately simply wish to deepen your personal practice.The training is also an instrumental supplement to the education of many students, especially those involved in Human Kinetics and Athletics, Psychology and Social Work, Education, Health Sciences, Philosophy, Sociology and Culture Studies, as well as self-care as a student! 

This training covers the physical principles of practice, the history of yoga, chakras and the energetic system, yoga philosophy, ethics, and the business of yoga.

Program Goals: 

  • Deliver the esoteric teachings of yoga as relevant, applicable, down to earth tools we can use in our daily lives. 
  • Focus on developing a sustainable, appropriate practice for each individual, with the understanding that this will look different in each body. 
  • Cultivate healthy habits of mind, body and spirit through the 8-limb path of yoga. 
  • Think critically about yoga practices and understand the "why" behind them. 
  • Develop the skills to be a teacher, space holder, role model and leader in your community. 
  • Understand the principles of practice to foster a safe environment and protect against injury. 
  • Develop awareness of the body and mind, inside and out through meditation and Yoga Nidra. 


  • Yoga History  
  • Principles of the yoga practice
  • Asana Lab → Alignment and posture breakdown.
  • Anatomy and Physiology
  • Yoga philosophy and lifestyle → Chakras, Bandhas, Gunas, Koshas, Mudras, Kriyas
  • The art of teaching → Finding your voice
  • The yoga profession
  • Business of yoga

Required Books:

  • Essential Asana Manual by all you can yoga™
  • Essential Teacher Manual by all you can yoga™, personalized by Sarah Daniels
Sarah Daniels

Sarah Daniels

“My goal as a teacher is to fill each student’s yogi toolbox full of tools to balance the body, mind, emotions and spirit, and to get to know when to use each, to best support each step of the journey through life.”

After over a decade of studying the movements and energies of the human body through competitive dance and R.A.D. ballet, I was naturally drawn to the familiar movements I found in the yoga studio.

After over a decade of studying the movements and energies of the human body through competitive dance and R.A.D. ballet, I was naturally drawn to the familiar movements I found in the yoga studio. I first established a practice through Moksha studios in Alberta before moving to BC where I began studying the deeper practices while working as karma staff at a studio that emphasized the mental, energetic and spiritual aspects of the yogic path. It wasn't long before the depth of the practice began to draw me in and after witnessing the effects of a strong daily practice on my mind, body and spirit I knew I wanted to share this gift with as many people as possible.

In 2013 I travelled to Spain to complete my RYT-200 in Vinyasa Flow with Frog Lotus Yoga. I began building teaching experience and working one-on-one with clients, and in 2014 I travelled to Guatemala to complete an internship at La Finca de Yoga Mistica in the wellness mecca of the Lake Atitlan region. It was here that my study of meditation deepened exponentially and on returning home I began to teach meditation focused workshops in Alberta.  In the fall onf 2015I began studying with Tandava School of Yoga in Kelowna, BC and graduated with my RYT-500 certification after 8 months of focused studies in yoga nidra, yoga as therapy, the NewBack program for injury prevention and rehabilitation, advanced meditation and pranayam, as well as delving deep into many other aspects of the yogic tradition. In the spring of 2016 I completed a 50 hour intensive with Jolene Bayda in Vancouver studying yin yoga and the practice of dowelling.

I have a special focus on yoga tools for anxiety and stress and teach related workshops, as well as developing an e-course on the subject.

In the spring of 2015 I partnered with Alpine Helicopters to pioneer heli-yoga in the Okanagan, founding Elevate Heli-Yoga where I treat adventurous students to an unforgettable yoga experience atop a mountain accessed via helicopter. During this year I began my partnership with All You Can Yoga to offer a yoga teacher training through the yoga club, UBCyOga, at the Okanagan campus of UBC. I am currently teaching workshops and classes in western Canada, teaching and bringing yoga to campus as an executive of the yoga club, and working on my Psychology undergraduate honours degree. I love the interplay and crossover between the worlds of psychology and yoga, and combine them in my practice. 

In addition, I hold a diploma in Business Administration from Okanagan College with a focus in entrepreneurship and marketing and an Associate Degree in Psychology,  as well as certification and training in Reiki energy work, tension-release massage, natural nutrition, Indigenous cultural safety and holistic marketing. 

With a broad understanding of the interconnectedness of the physical, mental, emotional and energetic bodies, I offer a down to earth approach of using this understanding to bring the body into balance from the root, and educating my clients with the tools and resources to make lasting change.



Requirements of the course:

  • Attendance and full participation in all required courses
  • Completion of all homework assignments, writing projects and required reading
  • Demonstrate an embodied and integrated knowledge from the coursework
  • Pass a cumulative written exam and practical teaching exam


Absence and make-up hours:

All full and partial absences must be made up during the next installment of teacher training before a certificate of completion will be given.


Is this program appropriate for me?

This training is for you if you want to teach yoga professionally, part-time, or simply want to dive deep into your personal practice. This program is also an instrumental supplement to the education of many students and professionals, both to apply professionally and for personal self-care and well-being. Upon completion of this program, you will be able to register as an RYT-200, a registered and insurable yoga teacher. This program is designed to complete the requirements of the training over the course of an academic year in the format of one weekend per month. 


What is covered in this training?

This training meets and exceeds the Yoga Alliance curriculum requirements as a registered Yoga School. The required curriculum includes the physical principles of practice, the history of yoga, physiology and energetics, yoga philosophy, ethics, and the business of yoga. This training has an extra focus on the following:

  • Fostering a safe and appropriate environment, both in the class sequence and in individual bodies.
  • Building a conceptual, foundational understanding of the structure of yoga postures that can be expanded to any pose.
  • Evidence-based psychobiological perspective to best harness and apply the tools and teachings of yoga.
  • Applicable and useful business, marketing and niching tools to empower students to accomplish any goals they may have.


What style is this training?

The lead teacher, Sarah Daniels is trained primarily in vinyasa and Kripalu, and additionally has extensive training in restorative, Yin, and Yoga Nidra. While one of the goals of the training is to expose students to a wide variety of styles and doctrines from which to build their own teaching practice and style, the main focus will be on vinyasa or flow based movements. Students can expect to be comfortable teaching an active flow style class. Yin and restorative styles will be covered in moderate depth, and students will receive an introduction to Yoga Nidra.


Who is leading the training?

This training is empowered by all you can yoga™ (AYCY), a global yoga organization with the goal of making yoga accessible for everyone, everywhere. The lead teacher is Sarah Daniels, RYT 500+ and current UBCO student. Sarah has collaborated with AYCY to add her unique expertise to their already strong core curriculum that has certified hundreds of teachers around the globe.


What are some of the unique benefits of this training?

  • Connection to and support from a global yoga community through All You Can Yoga, including perks such as your own web page on AYCY's online platform.
  • Training from a lead teacher with not only a strong yoga background but a broad range of complementary experience and education including psychology, business administration, and entrepreneurship, marketing, massage, and energy work.
  • A signature sequence to give students the competence and confidence to go out and start teaching right away.
  • The opportunity to train in a gorgeous facility against the stunning backdrop of the Okanagan Valley with both indoor and outdoor class time.
  • Field trips including yoga at a winery.
  • On-campus accommodation for out-of-town students.
  • Multiple workshops from guest teachers bringing in their unique areas of expertise including restorative and trauma-informed yoga, yoga practices as complementary mental health therapies, anatomy lab, BUTI yoga, yoga history and mythology, and more!
I am so thankful I chose Sarah’s 200hr YYT for my training route. Her course was extremely well-rounded on so many elements (physiology, spirituality, psychology, business, safety etc). She was extremely adaptive throughout the training, catering to the scheduling needs of students as they came up. Things like this, made Sarah’s YYT super accessible. She also proactively communicated opportunities to make the training financially accessible, which I am so grateful for. I am graduating feeling like I learnt so many things from so many different perspectives in a way that has created a concrete foundational base for myself as an instructor. I feel so lucky to have such a strong base to kick off from in the beginning of my yoga teacher path, and feel limitless. - Veronika Z.
Sarah’s warm enthusiasm made it easy to adapt to the course. Her endless scope of yogic knowledge, her patience and understanding attitude made it easy to attain the information I needed to improve my own practice, my body and mind. Her light hearted aura through out class and genuine passion for her practice, compelled me enough to roll out of bed at 7 A.M. and inspired me to continue on with my own yogic journey. - Ajmin S.
As a newbie to yoga, I was more than apprehensive stepping into Sarah's yoga class. Within the first three minutes of teaching she had transformed that feeling of dread into one of comfort. She is both approachable and accommodating and works to ensure that everyone in her classes has a memorable and pleasant yoga experience. I could not recommend her more strongly and I encourage you to take part in one of her classes! - Laura Kabbash
Sthira-Sukham School of Yoga 2018 Hosted by Sarah Daniels
Sthira-Sukham School of Yoga 2018 Hosted by Sarah Daniels Apply to register
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