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Svadhyaya | Self study
Self-study is always present in our yoga practice. On the mat we ask ourselves, what brings us to the practice, how does it make us feel, how do we react and interact
The Yoga Profession
A love letter to all professional yoga teachers
you can be popular, but that does’t mean that you will be profitable. And as far as I'm concerned, yoga teachers still have to keep paying bills and rent...
Intro & History
Tapas | Commitment
Tapas are our internal heat, our self-discipline. But what that looks like could be very different for each of us.
Intro & History
The Niyamas are actions TO TAKE when dealings with yourself and others. They are: Cleanliness, contentment, self-discipline, self-study and surrender.
Intro & History
Santosha is the practice of contentment. It takes looking around at all that we are fortunate to have and knowing that its enough, its plenty.
Intro & History
Saucha | Cleanliness
Saucha, to purify, comes into play in our physical body by the foods and products we choose as well as our energetic bodies with the thoughts, conversations and stimulus we allow in.
Chakra Journey
Chakra Vinyasa Instagram Challenge para Yogis​
Participa para la oportunidad de ganarte una beca para el Training Chakra Vinyasa y alinea la energía de tus chakras a través del yoga y la psicología
Intro & History
Ishvara Panidhana | Surrender
Surrender and trust in a higher power. Ishvara is about accepting the unknown trusting the path and acknowledging the connection that we all share in that
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