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The Yoga Profession
Work & Practice
Una dosis de inspiración para maestros con el sueño de crecer profesionalmente y evolucionar en su práctica personal.
Energetics & Philosophy
Hatha Yoga Pradipika
Chapter II. Thought On Pranayama
Energetics & Philosophy
The 5 Most Important Hand Mudras
1. Gyan Mudra or the Mudra of Knowledge 2. Vayu Mudra or Mudra of Air 3. Shoonya Mudra or The Mudra of Emptiness 4. Prithvi Mudra or the Mudra of Earth 5. Prana Mudra or the Mudra of Life
Energetics & Philosophy
The Science Of Sound Healing With Crystal Bowls
Nada yoga is divine union through sound . Described in the "Hatha Yoga Pradipika" as one of the most powerful and fruitful meditation techniques to calm the mind.
Principles of Practice
Discovering 3 different types of breathing
There are three types of breath: 1- Clavicular breathing (how we typically breathe). 2- Thoracic breathing. 3- Diaphragmatic breathing. Yogis must integrate these 3 types of breathing.
Principles of Practice
Anatomy and mechanics of deep breathing
Did you know that nine out of 10 adults in the US are only chest breathers, not reaching into the lungs at all...
Intro & History
Svadhyaya | Self study
Self-study is always present in our yoga practice. On the mat we ask ourselves, what brings us to the practice, how does it make us feel, how do we react and interact
The Yoga Profession
A love letter to all professional yoga teachers
you can be popular, but that does’t mean that you will be profitable. And as far as I'm concerned, yoga teachers still have to keep paying bills and rent...
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Intro & History
Principles of Practice
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Energetics & Philosophy
The Yoga Profession
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