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Principles of Practice
Discovering 3 different types of breathing
There are three types of breath: 1- Clavicular breathing (how we typically breathe). 2- Thoracic breathing. 3- Diaphragmatic breathing. Yogis must integrate these 3 types of breathing.
Principles of Practice
Anatomy and mechanics of deep breathing
Did you know that nine out of 10 adults in the US are only chest breathers, not reaching into the lungs at all...
Principles of Practice
Foundation of the base
How to avoid injuries, align postures and grounding.
Principles of Practice
Sequencing & Planning
Teaching the class level that is actually on the schedule is the best way to build a class. Consistency is everything!
Principles of Practice
Writing your Signature Sequence
Your Signature Sequence is a way for you to introduce your teacher trainees to your style and method of yoga.
Principles of Practice
Press & Rebound
How to maintain the vitality of your poses, rise of energy and engagement of the muscles.
Principles of Practice
Law of Compensation
Bending into where we are soft and avoid the areas that are hard or dense.
Principles of Practice
Teaching your Signature Sequence
How to teach your students to follow your Signature Sequence.
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Principles of Practice
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